About Animal Answer Guide

Animal Answer Guide is an independent publisher that’s dedicated to sharing the most comprehensive information about animals that inhabit our planet.

Founded in January 2022, Animal Answer Guide was created to answer the top questions people have about the various classifications and species that make up the animal kingdom in one central website.

The information you find on this website is vetted through a strict editorial process that emphasizes the highest standards of research and accuracy in regards to the scientific names of animals, diets, habitats, life expectancy, characteristics, and more.

Resources for primary research and fact-checking about animals include:

  • Encyclopedia.com
  • Encyclopedia Britannica
  • National Geographic
  • National Wildlife Federation
  • Smithsonian’s National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute
  • The Journal of Animal Science
  • Wikipedia
  • World Wildlife Organization

Animal Answer Guide Mission

The mission of Animal Answer Guide is to become the leading online resource for answering questions about the most common species within the five distinct groups of animals: amphibians, birds, fish, mammals, and reptiles.

What Can You Expect from Animal Answer Guide?

Animal Answer Guide is here to help you learn more about the animal kingdom that surrounds us in the natural environment.

To fulfill that promise, you can expect the following things from this website:

  • Accurate, up-to-date, and vetted animal information.
  • Complete A-Z index of animals to find each biological animal species.
  • Articles that answer specific questions about each animal species.
  • Cross-linking within content to help you find additional information about each animal.
  • References and citations to authenticate data, facts, and claims about animals.

Who Runs Animal Answer Guide?

Stephen Milton

Animal Answer Guide was founded by Stephen Milton, who is the lead editor and writer for the website.

Stephen created Animal Answer Guide after doing Internet research on animals. During his fact-finding mission, he discovered conflicting information online about a particular species he was trying to learn about—the beaver.

One website indicated that beavers were omnivores and would eat the meat of other wildlife. But that statement was not true. Beavers are herbivores that only eat plants and vegetation, and would never eat meat of any kind.

Stephen also found contradictions among other animal facts on other websites which made it hard to get the truth about certain animal species.

After noticing a large number of sources contradicting each other about animals, Stephen decided it was time to create an ultimate—and accurate—resource of online information for common animal species. That way, students, parents, teachers, and anyone else on the planet who has questions about animals, could get factual answers from a trustworthy source.

Stephen is dedicated to posting new content on the Animal Answer Guide website on a weekly basis with the intent of answering the most common questions people have about popular animal species. While you likely won’t find much information about uncommon animals like the Tidewater Mucket (a rare invertebrate not many people know exist), you will find a lot of information about common animals like bears, bobcats, hawks, and snakes, which are are common species in the animal kingdom that people want answers about.

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