Are Kangaroos Dangerous & Aggressive? (Attack or Eat Humans)

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“Are kangaroos dangerous?”

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Kangaroos are a marsupial from the family Macropodidae in the order Diprotodontia and are indigenous to Australia and New Guinea.

Are Kangaroos Dangerous

Are Kangaroos Dangerous?

Kangaroos are dangerous to humans if they feel threatened and will attack a person as if it is another kangaroo. Kangaroos have dangerously powerful hind legs that can hurt humans as well as forepaws with long claws it may use to push or grapple people.

While male kangaroos are undoubtedly solid and capable of inflicting harm on their foes, they are usually relatively calm animals. Female kangaroos typically only attack humans when provoked or if their young are in danger.

While exercising caution around these animals is essential, it is usually unnecessary to worry about kangaroos being a real threat to people in the wild. These animals will mostly try to avoid humans as much as possible.

Are Kangaroos Aggressive?

Kangaroos can be aggressive toward people if they encroach on the kangaroo’s territory or try to get too close during mating season. Kangaroos also fight their rivals to gain higher status within the local group, or mob.

In this article about Kangaroos and wallabies, The Department of Environment and Science says, “Although the risk of this happening is very small, we still need to be wary around them.” It goes on to say, “People who get too close to a dominant male when it is pursuing a female or mating could also be seen as a threat.”

The most dangerous kangaroos are the males. They can grow six feet and weigh over 200 pounds. When they feel threatened, they will use their powerful hind legs to kick out at their attacker. The force of these kicks can cause severe injury or even death. Pushing and grappling with the forepaws is another aggressive behavior kangaroos use during a confrontation. People call the kangaroo’s style of fighting, “boxing”.

If you are ever in an area where kangaroos are present, it is essential to be aware of their potential for aggression and take precautions to avoid being attacked.

Do Kangaroos Bite?

Kangaroos do bite as a form of self-defense. A kangaroo will use its teeth to bite people and other animals during an attack as well as kick with its hind feet and punch with its forepaws.

The kangaroo is a marsupial from Macropodidae family, which means “big foot” in Latin. Kangaroos have large, powerful hind legs, large feet adapted for leaping, a long muscular tail for balance, sharp teeth for biting, and a small head. Like most marsupials, female kangaroos have a marsupium pouch in which joeys complete postnatal development.

If you are bitten by a kangaroo, seek immediate medical attention. Kangaroos can carry rabies; however, the rabies virus has not been found in these marsupials in Australia. It is still important to be cautious because rabies is a life-threatening disease that cannot be cured.

Do Kangaroos Attack Humans?

Kangaroos attack humans if they feel provoked, trapped, or need to protect their young kangaroos. A kangaroo will attack a person as if they were another kangaroo by using their hind legs to kick at a human’s body and forepaws to punch and grapple at the face.

Kangaroos are generally not looking to have a confrontation with humans in the wild or in captivity. But a kangaroo will defend itself and its young if the animal senses a threat. Therefore, you should always enjoy kangaroos from a distance and never get too close unless you are a trained zoologist.

Do Kangaroos Eat Humans?

Kangaroos do not eat humans because these animals are herbivores. A kangaroo only eats plant-based materials like grasses, shrubs, fruits, and flowering plants.

Are Kangaroos Friendly?

You can visit our other guide about are kangaroos friendly to find out how nice these marsupials can be to people in the wild and at a zoo.

Are kangaroos aggressive

Kangaroo Dangerous & Aggressive Summary

You now know the answer to the question about are kangaroos dangerous.

As you discovered in this guide, kangaroos do not eat humans or attack people unless they feel threatened. Therefore, are kangaroos aggressive or not depends on if these marsupials are being encroached upon by people in nature or in captivity.