Are Mountain Lions Friendly to Humans? (Or Nice to Each Other?)

In this article, we’ll answer the question:

“Are mountain lions friendly?”

First, you’ll find a short summary about the friendliness of mountain lions in general, then get specific answers about these mammals like are mountain lions nice to humans, can they be petted, are they friendly to each other, etc.

Mountain lions are large cat of the subfamily Felinae in the suborder Feliformia. A mountain lion goes by many names, including puma, cougar, catamount, panther, and painter.

Are mountain lions friendly

Are Mountain Lions Friendly?

Mountain lions are not friendly to humans and avoid people in the wild. However, a mountain lion can become aggressive toward people if they feel threatened, to defend their territory, and protect their cubs.

Although mountain lions are shy and solitary animals, they can be tamed to be more friendly to humans if they are raised from cubs and kept in captivity. But a mountain lion can never be domesticated so it is important to remember that mountain lions of any age are wild animals that can attack without warning.

Do Mountain Lions Like Humans?

Mountain lions do not like humans in the wild but can grow affectionate toward humans in captivity. There are instances of people having mountain lions as pets and lion trainers becoming close friends with these cats when treated correctly.

If you encounter a mountain lion in nature, the National Wildlife Federation offers these suggestions to stay safe:

  • Don’t run away. It can provoke a chase.
  • Give the mountain lion a way out. It wants to avoid you so allow it a path to get away.
  • Slowly back away.
  • Make yourself big and loud. Put your hands up and talk in a loud voice.

Do Mountain Lions Like Being Petted?

Mountain lions do not like being petted in the wild and it is dangerous to touch a mountain lion or its cubs. However, captive mountain lions are known to enjoy petting from humans whom they trust and have bonded with.

But remember, mountain lions are wild animals that cannot be domesticated. They have sharp claws and teeth that can cause serious injury or even death. Therefore, you should never pet a mountain lion even if you see one in a zoo.

Mountain lions are not naturally aggressive towards humans and typically avoid contact with people as much as possible in nature. However, these cats are large, powerful predators that can be dangerous if they perceive you as a threat.

Can You Train A Mountain Lion to Be Friendly?

You can train a mountain lion to be friendly but it requires a lot of repetition, encouragement, and trust with the animal. Also, it is best to start training a mountain lion when it is a cub because adult mountain lions do not respond well to new behavior modification methods.

However, mountain lions can not be fully tamed, trained, or domesticated and can become unpredictable at any moment. These big cats are wild animals and proper care and safety should be followed to keep yourself from being hurt by a mountain lion.

Are Mountain Lions Friendly With Each Other?

Mountain lions are not friendly with each other unless they are mating or parenting because they are solitary animals. A female mountain lion will care for and protect its cubs until they are old enough to fend for themselves in the wild.

Typically, only three mountain lions are seen together in nature. And according to the Mountain Lion Foundation, “[mountain lions] maintain territories that average 100 square miles in size.” So it’s rare to ever see two mountain lions within the same habitat unless they are mating or parenting cubs.

Do Mountain Lions Have Feelings?

Mountain lions do have feelings and experience a range of emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, and fear. A mountain lion’s feelings are mostly influenced by external factors such as hunger, thirst, pain, and fatigue.

How Do Mountain Lions Show Affection?

Mountain lions show affection by rubbing against each other and licking each other’s faces. They also groom each other, roll around, and play with each other as a sign of affection. However, these interactions typically only occur between mountain lion cubs or with the female and its cubs.

Are Mountain Lions Dangerous?

You can visit our other guide about are mountain lions dangerous to find out how harmful these mammals are to people.

Are mountain lions nice

Are Mountain Lions Nice Summary

You now know the answer to the question about are mountain lions friendly to humans and each other.

As you discovered in this guide, mountain lions do not like human beings and prefer not to be petted. These mammals are also not friendly to one another in the wild and in a zoo unless they are mating or parenting. Therefore, are mountain lions nice or not depends on the species they’re interacting with in nature and captivity.