What Are Female Wolves Called? (Animal Answers)

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“What are female wolves called?”

First, you’ll find a short summary explaining the common name of a female wolf, then learn about other nomenclatures for the hierarchical rank of female wolves in a pack. There’s also information on what female werewolves are called in mythology and literature.

As for real wolves, these animals are also commonly known as the gray wolf or timber wolf, and are large canines (Canis genus) of the Canidae family in the Carnivora order.

What Are Female Wolves Called

What Are Female Wolves Called?

Female wolves are called a she-wolf and depending on the rank of the she-wolf, this canine may also be referred to as the alpha female, beta female, or omega female.

A less common name for a female wolf is bitch. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term bitch comes from the Old English word bicce, meaning “female dog”.

Is a Female Wolf Called a Fae?

A female wolf is called a fae in mythology and literature. Fae wolves are a type of Fae Shapeshifter species that transforms into a wolf.

What Is the Female Version of a Werewolf?

The female version of a werewolf is a werewoman. A werewoman is a female who has taken the form of a wolf through a process called lycanthropy (or shape-shifting).

What Is an Alpha Female Wolf?

An alpha female wolf is the top female in a wolf pack that dominates other low-ranking females. Alpha female wolves are also known as a luna wolf.

What Is a Beta Female Wolf?

A beta female wolf is the deputy of the alpha female wolf. Beta female wolves are second in command and dominant over all wolves but the alpha wolf.

What Is an Omega Female Wolf?

An omega female wolf is at the bottom of the bottom of females in a wolf pack. Omega female wolves are subordinate to the alpha and beta females because an omega wolf is at the lowest rank in the group hierarchy.

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Female Wolves Called Summary

You now know what are female wolves called.

As you discovered in this guide, a female wolf goes by the common name she-wolf; however, these canines are also referred to by other nomenclatures depending on the female wolf’s ranking order in the pack. And there are special names reserved for female wolves in mythology and literature like fae and werewoman.